Should Creationism Ever Be Taught In Schools? Antitheist

Should Creationism Ever Be Taught In Schools? Antitheist 

Neat short discussion asking,  should creationism be taught in schools? This was broadcast at some point in 2011 and how the teaching of a blatant untruth can even be considered staggers me. Also a few posts down from this you can find a docu-drama on Galileo.

The Catholics (Pope at least)  have accepted evolution as fact since the 1950's (though claiming it to be one of God's greatest works)  but this rarely gets openly discussed, leaving  Genesis at best apocryphal, and begging the question how much more is at 'best' apocryphal. (nice word for horse shit)

When the evidence is stacked so highly demonstrating evolution, that even by church standards it becomes impossible to deny, or at least would be idiotic to do so, they shamelessly hijack it as their own.

As Dawkins points out in The God Delusion or The Greatest Show on Earth,  this highlights the dishonesty of the priest in the pulpit drawing on Genesis for any sermon and not pointing out it's far from literal. Sorry young earth creationists.

The evolution debate is ridiculous and should have been put to bed a long time ago.

Not all Christians think so:

They sound a complete joke and of course are, but they are for real and despite the age of this clip, they are still pumping out videos of this nature. The funniest part is their being called "Christian Answers" Larry the man with the glasses has had the door slammed in his face by Madalyn Murray O'Hair after apparently arranging to debate theism with her. I think he caught her on a good or a bad day, depending on how you view it. She slams the door after finding out who it is, shouting "ahhh religious nuts."

Brian the usually level headed atheist dog has a bad episode when he turns to religion and republicanism.


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