Banned from the Bible - Antitheist atheist

Banned from the Bible - Antitheist atheist

Forbidden Bible. The complete, full length documentary of all the various books banned from the Bible by the Catholic Church.

150 years after the supposed birth of Jesus, Marcian was a church leader and a bible believing Christian, what he saw in the Jewish Bible was a vicious evil character and Marcian did not accept the god of the old testament. The  New Testament a Christian Bible was collated.

 It was another century until this was realised. Constantine's apparent religious experience resulted in the Empire adopting Christianity. Many say that this was the time Christianity was perverted and used for just wars and conquering. Still today it is debated as to whether Constantine was sincere with his vision or was it the actions of an astute politician? I personally lean towards the latter.

The documentary is quite interesting.

Bart Ehrman does an excellent job of explaining some of the history and the distortions and how these came about. A link or two to his books can be found below.

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