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Jehovah's Witnesses - Sex Scandal - Antitheist Atheist - Panorama investigates.

The Jehovah's Witnesses - known by their fortnightly Watchtower magazine - known internally as "The Truth". And it expresses, rock-like, non-negotiable doctrine that they exclusively are in God's sights, they alone have guardianship and are charged with safekeeping and dispensation of accurate bible knowledge and understanding, and are sole inheritors of the earth's physical surface. In short their religion is a haven "a secure protection" and "the only place worth being" while everything and everyone else will permanently perish. 

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Unknown said...

The cases of Leo Greenless & Ewart Chitty is just the tip of that immoral iceberg. Even Fred Franz who penned most of their doctrinal stances quit and called them out for their lies and miss information. The governing body in Bethel did exactly what the Roman catholic church did.

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