Autism & Vaccines: How Bad Science Confuses the Press & Harms the Public

The comments on the Gates talk are depressing and typical of your regular conspiracy nut. Apparently I work for big medical companies and or CIA and if this in itself is not enough to show how barking mad these vocal lunatics are, the lecture below the Gates clip explains why and how such a terrible lie relating to the MMR vaccination started and spread.

You owe it to your children to be informed and the lecture is a very informed professionally backed talk. You decide, it's unlikely the sane will remain thinking the government wants to kill them if approaching this lecture with an open mind.

This film conclusively refutes any autism/MMR link and explains how and why the lethal lie was started. The conspiracy theorists are barking mad. I recently posted a clip also refuting any MMR/autism link and 80% plus of those believing it has a link, were also convinced I worked for the big drug companies, one even suggesting I was some illuminati stoogie. This just goes to highlight the madness of these people, they're very vocal and that's the sad part, because their misinformation costs lives.(said clip posted below lecture)

Talk given by Dr. Steven Salzberg at an event sponsored by the National Capital Area Skeptics on November 8, 2008. In the words of Dr. Salzberg's description of the talk, "Scientists and skeptics need to act to quell the rumors and educate the public, so that vaccines, one of the greatest medical successes in history, remain an effective tool in our fight against disease." The presentation was edited and omits video clips of Larry King and 60 Minutes and references to individual practitioners.

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