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I think, therefore I'm not religious.

Antitheist Atheist Shirts
Antitheist Atheist Shirts by DONTPRAY
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Scarecrow Jesus Offends Christians and Burns.

Scarecrow Jesus Offends Christians.

Scarecrow Seen As Jesus Christ By Radical Extremist Christians in Essex 

Radical extremist Christians reacted angrily to the erection of a twenty foot scarecrow for the benefit of local children in Billericay Essex, UK.

The twenty foot scarecrow built to promote the farm's activities for children over the Easter holiday period was slammed by Christians for mocking their lord and savior Jesus Christ, obviously because the scarecrow was mounted in a messianic pose and clearly ridiculing Jesus.

Note for Christians: Scarecrows are erected arms stretched, that's how scarecrows work. To take offense over scarecrows mocking Jesus shouts volumes about how you really view your Jesus Christ.
David Finkle the general manager at Barleylands said before the scarecrow was torched to the ground,

" the scarecrow doesn't have hands, feet or any nails, bailing twine only. 
It took us ages to make his giant patchwork jacket and he is complete with raffia hair which changes in the wind.  I want to bring children's learning to life and I made the scarecrow so people knew about the Books, Cooks and Scarecrow week we're holding. Kids can make scones from scratch and then go out and make their own scarecrows. I think it's a shame that children don't do as much outside and we want to change that and bring their learning alive. He's a brilliant example of a scarecrow stuffed with straw."

Christians hating scarecrows and taking offense is far more important than any motivational and educational benefits offered to children.

The majority of local people loved the scarecrow and thought it was a great addition to the community,, many quoted as  saying how "fabulous" the scarecrow was and "what a great bit of fun it was."

Cyanide and Happiness come to mind with this cartoon of Scarecrow Jesus.

Scarecrow Jesus Attacked By Arsonists

Tragedy struck twice on the night of Thursday 21st Feb 2013 at Barleylands. The fire service was called to a fire started at the base of the scarecrow 11.23pm, thanks to their rapid response, the scarecrow's destruction was halted, but arsonists returned again the same night to complete the job. Sadly at 00:10 Friday 22nd February the scarecrow was torched for the second time and destroyed.

Unsurprisingly the extremist Christians top the list of suspects, the determined effort to destroy the scarecrow surprised local police. Offended Christians responding angrily to the scarecrow last week, leave locals suspecting the same Christians, but police say they are continuing with their investigation.

Christians Suspected of Burning Scarecrow to the ground in double arson attack.The initial attack on the scarecrow was thwarted by the local fire service's rapid response. A second attack approx thirty minutes later succeeded in the scarecrow's destruction, it was torched and burned to the ground.
The giant twenty foot scarecrow was the only target, and police were surprised at how determined the arsonists were to see this particular scarecrow torched and destroyed. A smaller less impressive scarecrow was left standing.
Any person with information please contact Essex police, your scarecrow could be next.

Radical Christians Force 'Jerry Springer the Opera to close'.

Reactionary Offended Christians are on the increase in the UK:
It wasn't so long ago extremist reactionary Christians in the UK closed down 'Jerry Springer The Opera'. Their protests prevented a children's hospice receiving a substantial donation from the planned benefit gig. The Christians threatened to picket the hospice and forced the organizers to ask, "the show not go on." They sadly bowed to threats made by Christians.

To see more on this, Stewart Lee reports below.  


Antitheist Shirts. Stylish Quality Clothing - Fully Guaranteed

Antitheist shirts are top quality and all come with a full satisfaction guarantee. Available in many styles, colors and sizes.
Antitheist Shirt - I swear it's for medicinal purposes only.

Antitheist shirts.
Don't pray for me, make me a sandwich.
I think, therefore I'm not religious.
Atheist Sex God
Agnostic. How the hell do I know?
Nihilists, you can say what you like about socialism, at least it's an ethos.

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Antitheist Quality Stylish Shirts - Don't Pray For Me, Make Me A Sandwich

Quality Stylish Antitheist Shirt - Don't Pray For Me, make Me A Sandwich.

See the link below. The sizes have been reported to not be overly generous. So if you're a size medium and do not like a snug fit, you might prefer to try the larger size. You can customize the size and colors, and there's a wide selection of styles and fabrics. The shirts displayed are just examples of what we have available.

Don't Pray For Me - Antitheist T-Shirts.
Don't Pray For Me - Antitheist T-Shirts. by DONTPRAY

Also - I think, Therefore I'm Not Religious.
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The Atheist Tabernacle Choir Lyrics

If you don't believe in God, clap your hands!
If you don't trust the lord, clap your hands!
if you reject the possibility of a deity, then clap your hands!
And join the Atheist Tabernacle Choir!

We're not going to cross that... Jordan River!
It don't even exist, that...Jordan River!
To be honest, it's an outmoded religious metaphor,
That Jordan river, yes
We're the Atheist Tabernacle Choir!

Sing six feet deep, that's where I'm goin'
Six feet deep, no after-livin'
Six feet deep, yup it's depressin'

We're not going to reach the...Promised land!
There's no such thing as the....Promised land!
It's a cynical notion dreamed up by priests in collaboration with landed interests in order to subjugate the masses, that...Promised Land!
It's the Atheist Tabernacle Choir!

Sing, in a wooden box! That's where I'm headin'!
A wooden box! Forever deaden!
A wooden box! No resurrectin'!
A wooden box! Yep, it's depressing

If you believe in nothing, sing out loud!
If you think it's a cobblers, sing out loud!
If you find the whole idea of personal freedom circumscribed by the seemingly-arbitrary activities of a supreme being, then! ...sing out loud!
(And join the Church of England!)
Or the Atheist Tabernacle Choir....

Not Halleuluah!
Don't praise the lord!

The War You Don't See - John Pilger.

A superb award winning documentary by John Pilger, and includes Bradley Manning's Apache helicopter Wikileak. This film has been so aggressively copyright protected  it's difficult to find in the US or Europe. The film below should stay for a while, since it's embedded from a Russian site.

The film is shocking, eye opening and one of the best films to expose the use of the media, and the attitude of  the military in modern war. Bradley Manning is a hero and should be decorated, not prosecuted as is happening at present.

The use of the embedded reporter shows how managed the news is, and without Bradley Manning and Wikileaks, we would have less of an idea how these war crimes are executed.

John Pilger is an excellent investigative journalist and on a par with Bradley Manning, and Julian Assange. If the US is so embarrassed by the leaks, perhaps they should stop acting and behaving in a way that is so shameful.

The only people afraid of the truth, are those in the wrong, and or with something to hide.

With talk of Iran and weapons of mass destruction,  it all sounds so familiar.