The War You Don't See - John Pilger.

A superb award winning documentary by John Pilger, and includes Bradley Manning's Apache helicopter Wikileak. This film has been so aggressively copyright protected  it's difficult to find in the US or Europe. The film below should stay for a while, since it's embedded from a Russian site.

The film is shocking, eye opening and one of the best films to expose the use of the media, and the attitude of  the military in modern war. Bradley Manning is a hero and should be decorated, not prosecuted as is happening at present.

The use of the embedded reporter shows how managed the news is, and without Bradley Manning and Wikileaks, we would have less of an idea how these war crimes are executed.

John Pilger is an excellent investigative journalist and on a par with Bradley Manning, and Julian Assange. If the US is so embarrassed by the leaks, perhaps they should stop acting and behaving in a way that is so shameful.

The only people afraid of the truth, are those in the wrong, and or with something to hide.

With talk of Iran and weapons of mass destruction,  it all sounds so familiar.