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DV8 The Cost of Living.

DV8 a London based independent dance company are truly unique in their approach to the subjects they tackle. Famously incorporating people of all abilities.  The Cost of Living is by far my personal favourite and very thought provoking. It smacks you in the face with some of your own prejudices and DV8 unlike many "art" companies, especially contemporary dance, are not pretentious up their own self types, quite the opposite.

If their aim is to cross and blur the lines between dance, theatre and political social issues DV8 does it to a standing ovation. Truly brilliant.

Lloyd Newson company director said this about the Cost of Living in an interview.

One of the things about DV8’s work is it is about subject matter, for a lot of people who go and see dance it is not about anything and DV8 is about something. I think the other thing that is important is the notion of humour and pathos, of tragedy, of multiple emotions and responses to my work –I’ve been so tired over the years of watching so much dance on one level, it may be very pretty, but it just goes on and on, it’s pretty nice, pretty much the same and pretty dull really, a lot of it.

So my big concern is to try and present images through movement and to talk about the whole range of social and psychological situations.

The Cost of Living is very much about those people who don’t fulfil the market value, in the sense of playing on the words the cost of living in terms of the financial issue and looking at what happens through experience as you live do you lose your naiveté? As you live do you lose a lot? Or does experience assist you?

Other works by the same independent dance company include:

"Can We Talk About This", for stage, 2011
"To Be Straight With You", for stage, 2008
"Just For Show" for stage 2005
"The Cost of Living" for stage 2003 and for film in 2004
"Living Costs" promenade performance 2003
"Can We Afford This?" for stage 2000
"The Happiest Day of My Life" for stage 1999
"Enter Achilles" for stage and film 1995
"MSM" for stage 1993[2]
"Strange Fish" for stage and film 1992
"Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men" for stage 1988 and for film in 1989
"My Body, Your Body", for stage, 1987
"My Sex, Our Dance", for stage and film, 1986

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