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On the bravery of Australians and in particular Julian Assange.

One of the things that almost has never come out of the generally appalling media coverage of Julian and Wikileaks, is the REASON for Wikileaks.
It had a moral base. It was about Justice. He wrote it on the home page of the first Wikileaks. It wasn't necessarily finally defined, but to use that expression... he nailed his colours and the colours of Wikileaks to the mast.
This was going to be about Justice. It was about seeking Justice through letting people KNOW what is going on.
John Pilger, December 2011


An extended interview with Julian Assange recorded during filming of John Pilger's latest film The War You Don't See.

The attacks on WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, are a response to an information revolution that threatens old power orders, in politics and journalism.

The actual film "The War That You Don't See" has in my experience been one of the most aggressively pursued films on the internet "for reasons of copyright" and very successfully. There was a time it would appear uploaded and survive a few weeks, only to be taken down. No longer do we see uploads appearing, assuming due to technology recognizing the film as infringing copyright immediately.

It's quite telling how damning a film it is, when the only place you can see it without having to pay is on Chinese hosting sites such as 56 dot com and Tudou dot com, both can easily be found searching Google video "The War That You Don't See" and filtering the search to 20mins and longer, both appear on the front page.

Any person wishing to see the film and without the hassle of navigating a Chinese hosting site can for a small fee of $4.99 see it at  . I guess there are many torrent trackers pointing to places where download is easy and free too, what the legalities of this are I'm unsure. Also at the same link you can find the response to the screening of the film being canceled by the Lannan foundation in the USA.

 links to all John Pilger's films and much more can be found at the link, a site very worthy of a bookmark and certainly worth taking sometime to see some,  if not all of its content.

John Pilger is just another great thing Australia has given the world.

Obama and Empire below is a talk from 2009 in San Francisco

My own thoughts on this are unimportant. As the antitheist page is non partisan, believing all political leaders to be liars and men/women of double standards, shown to say one thing, quickly followed by their doing the exact opposite.  However uncomfortable the talk maybe to supporters of Obama and politics with a left leaning, it's nonetheless very accurate and true.

This week sees Julian Assange's team's last ditch attempt to fight his extradition to Sweden, following it being granted,  based upon the authority of the person having signed the warrant for his arrest. The UK judiciary has up until now accepted that because the authority of the signer is generally recognized in Europe, the same stands true for the UK, Julian Assange's team are contesting this.

What kind of a world do we live, where those with a desire for truth and justice are treated as common criminals, and war criminals of all ranks are decorated?  It can only be a world led by people with no sense of justice and truth, interested only in their own agendas. Truth is only an enemy of those with something to hide, and or doing something wrong.  The simple answer would be, if what's reported is so deeply shameful and embarrassing, then change the behavior and don't do it.

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