Antitheist Top Ten Metal Tracks as of July 2012

Top Ten Antitheist Metal Tracks as of July 2012. As voted by our members.

It's a good top ten and some of the more popular choices are predictable, surprised not to see  Iron Maiden, Motorhead or Celtic Frost actually it would be easy to list another ten it's surprising to not see listed here. This was  a poll by question involving 378 votes.
Should the pedantic decide to pick fault, the lyrics have been copy pasted without any shame and without any checking for grammatical errors.

At number 10 is Slayer's "Not of this God"

I wake each day to propaganda written to persuade
Complacency, conformity
Relentless madness they regurgitate

So save your breath
You can't coerce the strong with verbal warfare
Deafenin', bludgeonin', succumb to Christ
Or they will watch you fuckin' burn

These apocalyptic predators must die
Everyone till none are left alive
I'll eradicate the weak within this war
'Cause I'm the fuckin' weapon, I'm not, not of this God

Replicate like a virus that infects with disease
The beckonin', pesterin'
Don't preach to me with all your blasphemy

Exterminate the bottom dweller, on your fear they prey
There's symmetry in anarchy, believe the lies
Or they will watch you fuckin' burn

These apocalyptic predators must die
Everyone till none are left alive
I'll eradicate the weak within this war
'Cause I'm the fuckin' weapon, I'm not, not of this
Not of this God

False God, sorcerer, free thought torturer
Embedded in the minds of the masses
Outcast, conjurer, spineless provocateur
Engulfed in narcissistic madness

No need to feel so hollow
A promise of no sorrow
You call him the messiah
I see a deviant pariah

Holy water, empty threat, the holy cross has no effect
I piss on any object of virtue
Crucifix, rosary, a world of insecurities
Keep waiting for the soul to be rescued

You'll see no bright tomorrow
A promise of more sorrow
You call him the messiah
I see a reckless faction based on mental slavery

You are the tainted, I am the pure
You are the sickness, I am the cure
A toxic threat on all your nonsense I feed
I'll be the one to bring Christ to his knees

Crucified then ridiculed again
A target for all time until the end
I'll expose the total inconsistencies
And wallow in my heresy 'cause I'm the fuckin' weapon

Attacker of their ideology, intoxicate with rationality
These apocalyptic predators must die
'Cause I'm the fuckin' weapon, I'm not, not of this God
Not of this God, not of this God

At number 9 Vader - Halleluyah. (God is Dead)

At number 8 Marduk - Christraping Black Metal Lyrics

Nailed to the cross while the weak
Overcome with grief weep and mourn
To pervert the mind of the following sheep sould
You scourge was born
As a shepherd of the inferior rats
You knew what to do
But spears and steel of your opponents
Could hurt your body too

As the torncrowned jester you enchanted the scum without skill
And now the strong ones move in for the kill

Smashing your face
Crushing your race
Christraping black metal to Satan gives praise

Breaking your bones
Scorning your moans
Your powers is ceasing with a parting groan

Christraping black metal

The daughters of satan abuses your body
And drool in ecstasy when you die
While our warriors rips the beard
Of your idiot father halls up high

Smashing your face
Crushing your race
Christraping black metal to Satan gives praise

Spilling your blood
Killing your god
The ripped and torn angels will bleed like a flood

Your cross shuld stand as a monument
For people to fear and obey
The evil truth is that your foundation
Is a shell made of clay

Scratched and torn by the devilish whores
Your filthy carcass will reek
Let us ride all the nightmares and fears of the church
And perish the holy and weak

Smashing your face
Crushing your race
Christraping black metal to Satan gives praise

Screams from your soul
As it turns black as coal
And falls through the pits of the abyss's black hole

The fallen son of god has failed
The ending so far away from your goal
And the souls of the future witch the light can't deceive
Their fate is written in my soul

Smashing your face
Crushing your race
Christraping black metal to Satan gives praise

Spilling your blood
Killing your god
The ripped and torn angels will bleed like a flood

Christraping black metal

At number 7 (my personal favourite) Perfect Circle's Judith.

You're such an inspiration for the ways
That I'll never ever choose to be
Oh so many ways for me to show you
How the savior has abandoned you
Fuck your God
Your Lord and your Christ
He did this
Took all you had and
Left you this way
Still you pray, you never stray
Never taste of the fruit
You never thought to question why

It's not like you killed someone
It's not like you drove a hateful spear into his side
Praise the one who left you
Broken down and paralyzed
He did it all for you
He did it all for you

Oh so many many ways for me to show you
How your dogma has abandoned you
Pray to your Christ, to your god
Never taste of the fruit
Never stray, never break
Never---choke on a lie
Even though he's the one who did this to you
You never thought to question why

Not like you killed someone
It's Not like you drove a spiteful spear into his side
Talk to Jesus Christ
As if he knows the reasons why
He did it all for you
Did it all for you
He did it all for you.

At number 6 Asking Alexandria Morte Et Dabo

Morte et Dabo...
Morte et Dabo...

So he came forth and said unto me:
"Son you are forsaken"
Condemned for the sins that you live,
I offer you forgiveness. x2

Bow down before me.x2

I'll never bow to he who claims to be divine;
I'll tear down your gates with my bare fucking hands;
And burn the world that you rule over,
No matter how convinced you are you're not a god of mine;
You're not a fucking god of mine.

I never believed in you,
From what I see it was justified;
I never believed in you, in you.

This power over the masses is a gift you don't deserve;
When your blood spills, We'll drink from your skull;
You can run but you can't hide.

Bitch, I'll fucking find you!
I'll tear your eyes right out of your self-righteous face.
Lord, I'll fucking find you!
I'll tear your tongue out of your rancid fucking mouth.
Heaven will, burn to the fucking ground;
Your world will crumble, and fall from the skies;
Blood will spill, and rain upon the earth;
Your reign is over, I'll wear your crown.

This is your demise;
I know you feel it in your chest.
This is your demise;
It's getting closer.
This is your demise;
I'm creeping from the depths of hell.
This is your demise;
I know where you sleep.

I never believed in you,
From what I see it was justified.
I never believed in you, in you.

What away to end the world
What away to end,
What away to end the world
With false hope in a false god.
What a way to end the world,
With false hope in you.

What away to end the world,
With false hope in a false god,
What away to end the world,
With false hope in you.

What away to end the world.
What a way to end the world.

(*Heaven Being Destroyed*)

At number 5 - Death - The Philosopher

Do you feel what I feel, see what I see, hear what I hear
There is a line you must draw between your dream world and reality
Do you live my life or share the breath I breathe
Lies feed your judgment of others
Behold how the blind lead each other
The philosopher
You know so much about nothing at all

Ideas that fall under shadows of theories that stand tall
Thoughts that grow narrow upon being verbally released
Your mind is not your own,
What sounds more mentally stimulating is how you make your choice
So you preach about how I'm supposed to be, yet you don't know your
Own sexuality
Lies feed your judgment of others
Behold how the blind lead each other
The philosopher
You know so much about nothing at all

At number 4 BEHEMOTH - Christians To The Lions

behold bastard son
I am the evil one
no glory to be reached
no more thy slavery
the passion I besieged
spawn terror
smash thy will
ye pale dominion fades away my
will dominates

and watch my star arise
burning up the earth
sun - the eye of gods
threw into the space
watch ye moon eclipse
fallinf from thy grace
watch all nations cry
all feared ov his name
praise the flame!
watch angels falling from the skies
praise the flame!
I killed thy god
my will is done!
thou art lord

rise me! rise me high!
lead thru the gates ov sun
rise me! rise me high!
where angels do not dare to fly
invite to feast ov gods
and let me drift away
leave flames ov infamy
and watch me kiss the stars

At number 3 - SLAYER - Raining Blood

Trapped in purgatory
A lifeless object, alive
Awaiting reprisal
Death will be their acquisition

The sky is turning red
Return to power draws near
Fall into me, the sky's crimson tears
Abolish the rules made of stone

Pierced from below, souls of my treacherous past
Betrayed by many, now ornaments dripping above

Awaiting the hour of reprisal
Your time slips away

Raining blood
From a lacerated sky
Bleeding its horror
Creating my structure
Now I shall reign in blood!

At number 2 - SLAYER - Disciple

Drones since the dawn of time
Compelled to live your sheltered lives
Not once has anyone ever seen
Such a rise of pure hypocracy
I'll instigate I'll free your mind
I'll show you what I've known all this time

God Hates Us All, God Hates Us All
You know it's true God hates this place
You know it's true he hates this race

Hate heals, you should try it sometime
Strive for Peace with acts of war
The beauty of death we all adore
I have no faith distracting me
I know why your prayers will never be answered

God Hates Us All; God Hates Us All
He Fuckin' hates me

Pessimist, Terrorist targeting the next mark
Global chaos feeding on hysteria
Cut throat, slit your wrist, shoot you in the back fair game
Drug abuse, self abuse searching for the next high
Sounds a lot like hell is spreading all the time
I'm waiting for the day the whole world fucking dies

I never said I wanted to be God's disciple
I'll never be the one to blindly follow

Man made virus infecting the world
Self-destruct human time bomb
What if there is no God would you think the fuckin' same
Wasting your life in a leap of blind faith
Wake the fuck up can't ignore what I say
I got my own philosophy

I hate everyone equally
You can't tear that out of me
No segregation -separation
Just me in my world of enemies

I never said I wanted to be God's disciple
I'll never be the one to blindly follow
I'll never be the one to bear the cross-disciple

I reject this fuckin' race
I despise this fuckin' place

AND finally at number 1 DEICIDE - Fuck Your God

I forsee at my end to be banished,
By your god for my life and branding
Never around, in the greatness of sorrow,
Screw your god and his UN writ moral.
Stifle god, and the idols of hatred,
Out of my heart, I have always been free,
One with no need all alone and satanic.
Wretched and Vile, fuck your god, de face him.
Who could believe in a lord that's demanding?
Hard to believe when we die we vanish,
In his deny and for all his creation,
Fuck your god and his righteous hatred.
You and your son, you are nothing but absence,
Something not there that controls this planet,
Only deceit do I see in your hallow
If you believe you will dwell in failure.
Fuck Your God, Holy mother for the whore she is,
Fuck your God, bible thumper preaching threats from hymn,
Fuck your god, his revival and the holy Ghost,
Fuck your god; only tell us what we need to know,
Fuck your god, pointing fingers and then do as me,
Fuck your god, you are nothing and you'll never be,
Fuck your god; it is Satan who in trusts my soul,
Fuck your god, where the Christians are I will not go.
Fuck your god!
Fuck his, commandments, and prophet's left stranded to die,
Not in my heart or my soul as I go through this life,
Good book of bullshit lay dirty with vengeance and lies,
Go fuck your Jesus and get- the- fuck out my sight.

Unity over flowing with anger,
It is our time to remove the savior,
Christians are weak and the bible is beaten,
Homage to god, in this world not needed.
Fuck your god an his annals of plager,
Falling apart and exposing the light,
I will not live by the words of their Jesus,
He did not die to protect or save me.
There is just blood in his book of deceiving,
Riddles and crap to his divine healing,
Fail is your faith and you blame it on Satan,
Christians can't see that their preys are wasted.
Not a slave to religion unrendered,
Falsified god and his Christ redempters.
Never to be in the presence of grandeur,
I am for me and forever after.

Fuck Your God, Holy mother for the whore she is,
Fuck your God, bible thumper preaching threats from hymn,
Fuck your god, his revival and the holy Ghost,
Fuck your god; only tell us what we need to know,
Fuck your god, pointing fingers and then do as me,
Fuck your god, you are nothing and you'll never be,
Fuck your god; it is Satan who in trusts my soul,
Fuck your god, where the Christians are I will not go.
Fuck your god! Fuck you!

Who would you have included?


Stephen Hawking Street Art - Antitheists

Stephen Hawking Street Art - Antitheists

In Brighton we have a different class of street artist. Whilst I was recording this a really lovely man approached me, he knew Prof Hawking before he became ill. Stephen Hawking was his mentor after Cambridge, he became a barrister and quit, got sick of defending the obviously guilty. That was after a very colourful life involving his research into nuclear physics.

This was taken hours after its completion 24th July 2012


I'm not anti-religion, religion is anti-me.


Opposing sexism, gay hate, racism and murder is apparently not innate within us all.

What a person believes isn't really an issue or any other person's business, it's more what a person does with their belief which makes it relevant by infringing upon another in any way. The rights of an individual to practice their faith ends where the rights of another to not be encroached upon begin.

Non violently oppose religious doctrine which promotes hate, prejudice, non free thinking and where it causes harm. Not singling out any particular faith, where the faith causes harm no longer can people of sense and reason stand by and be perceived to respect their dogma through this perceived unspoken agreement to not speak out for fear of causing offense. There is nothing we could say or do to come close to the offense the doctrines of faith create to those of us with any sense of decency, fairness and love of all humanity.

Ironically unlike the many conditions the faiths place upon their acceptance of certain people and groups our respect for humanity is unconditional beyond neither hurting another or depriving another. If it harms none then do as you will.

Islam and Judaism are seen as minority groups in the West and as racist far right organisations target these groups whilst hiding behind the banner of anti-religion, we have and want no association with such hateful groups and do all that is physically possible to prevent such groups or their members using our page as a vehicle for their hate.

Gods a Serial Rapist - Sytheisa

Brilliant Track God's a Serial Rapist by Holden (Sytheisa)


Steve Hughes - Offended the Transcript.

"Be Offended" - Transcript

Political correctness is the oppression of our intellectual movement so no one says anything anymore just in case anyone else get’s offended. What happens if you say that and someone gets offended? Well they can be offended, can’t they? What’s wrong with being offended? When did stick and stones may break my bones stop being relevant? Isn’t that what you teach children? He called me an idiot! Don’t worry about it, he’s a dick.

Now you have adults going “I was offended, I was offended and I have rights!” Well so what, be offended, nothing happened. You’re an adult, grow up, and deal with it. I was offended! Well, I don’t care! Nothing happens when you’re offended. “I went to the comedy show and the comedian said something about the lord, and I was offended, and when I woke up in the morning, I had leprosy."

Nothing Happens. “I want to live in a democracy but I never want to be offended again.” Well you’re an idiot.

How do you make a law about offending people? How do you make it an offense to offend people? Being offended is subjective. It has everything to do with you as an individual or a collective, or a group or a society or a community. Your moral conditioning, your religious beliefs. What offends me may not offend you. And you want to make laws about this? I’m offended when I see boy bands for god sake.

It’s a valid offense, I’m offended. They’re cooperate shills, posing as musicians to further a modeling career and frankly I’m disgusted.

- Steve Hughes.

Einstein Letter on Religion to Erik Gutkind

Written a year before he died in 1954 Einstein wrote to philosopher E. Gutkind following reading his book "Choose Life: The Biblical Call to Revolt" where his views on religion are spelt out quite clearly.

Princeton, 3. 1. 1954

Dear Mr Gutkind,

Inspired by Brouwer’s repeated suggestion, I read a great deal in your book, and thank you very much for lending it to me ... With regard to the factual attitude to life and to the human community we have a great deal in common. Your personal ideal with its striving for freedom from ego-oriented desires, for making life beautiful and noble, with an emphasis on the purely human element ... unites us as having an “American Attitude.”

Still, without Brouwer’s suggestion I would never have gotten myself to engage intensively with your book because it is written in a language inaccessible to me. The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weakness, the Bible a collection of honorable, but still purely primitive, legends which are nevertheless pretty childish. No interpretation no matter how subtle can (for me) change this. ... For me the Jewish religion like all other religions is an incarnation of the most childish superstition. And the Jewish people to whom I gladly belong ... have no different quality for me than all other people. As far as my experience goes, they are also no better than other human groups, although they are protected from the worst cancers by a lack of power. Otherwise I cannot see anything “chosen” about them.

In general I find it painful that you claim a privileged position and try to defend it by two walls of pride, an external one as a man and an internal one as a Jew. As a man you claim, so to speak, a dispensation from causality otherwise accepted, as a Jew of monotheism. But a limited causality is no longer a causality at all, as our wonderful Spinoza recognized with all incision...

Now that I have quite openly stated our differences in intellectual convictions it is still clear to me that we are quite close to each other in essential things, i.e. in our evaluation of human behavior I think that we would understand each other quite well if we talked about concrete things.

With friendly thanks and best wishes,


A. Einstein


The Salvation Army is not Charitable - Antitheist Atheist

The Salvation Army is not charitable as this very personal account written by L Moar will attest.

The Salvation Army is not charitable. In a city near my home, they charge homeless people more per month to stay there than an efficiency apartment costs. If any two of their guests were to work together, then they could upgrade to a two bedroom apartment (in income-dependent subsidized housing). They pretend to be charitable for a tax exempt status, and then charge the homeless for indoctrination services.

After some predetermined time, they evict their broke guests who then typically move on to a camp in the woods even in the cases where they held jobs. Usually, without access to amenities such as a shower, these former guests lose their jobs. A number of them return to the Salvation Army after a year because they believe they are trying again to get on their feet. The church then happily repeats the act of exploiting and ejecting them.

When asked, they claim that the money they accept is held in savings for their guests. That is a half truth. After their charges, guests are required to hand over 75% of their remaining earnings, which are then held for them. However, with charges so high in an area where finding full time work at minimum wage is a non-trivial achievement for a person with a degree and experience, this does not add up to much. Guests typically leave with only enough money to buy a tent. Most are evicted for an inability to cover the payments in addition to expenses (child support, clothing, hygiene, transportation), even when they hold what jobs they can find.
From what I understand, the organization was not always this way. It has a long history of very charitable conduct, which is why they have not been investigated. The current state of affairs is the result of very gradual policy changes over a long period of time. This would all be okay if they represented themselves as what they actually are: for-pay Bible retreats. However, they mislead the homeless into believing that they are being helped and thereby prey on them for profit.

Were a secular organization to do this while teaching guests useful things such as basic accounting and job-seeking skills then its administrators would still find themselves in prison for fraud. What the Salvation Army does to the homeless is equivalent to "helping" a person who is unable to defend themselves by punching them in the face until they are unconscious and then repeating the process every time they wake up. Eventually all they learn is not to trust anybody, which does nothing to teach them vital skills but does in many cases complicate mental illness or increase a general distaste for society.

Upon realizing that a religious organization took advantage of them while they were vulnerable, the majority reject religion. So, the only ends the organization achieves are profits that fund the salaries of overpaid clergy and staff. Not coincidentally, I have been told that the majority of their daily "sermons" at mandatory "meetings" are about Biblical requirements to pay the priesthood and repetitive justification of their policies.

To further cloud the issue, this is not the policy at every one of their locations. I've looked into this. They mix up policies enough to maintain plausible deniability while remaining profitable.
They claim that the charges are so high to meet cost. With five twelve man rooms and each man (they discriminate against homeless women) paying $70/week, they bring in $16,800 / month. The meals they provide are covered by donations. So, the line about cost is a lie. To make matters worse, I hear they're considering an increase to $80 / week. This does not even take into account contractual sums paid by the Department of Veterans Affairs to cover charges for veteran guests in a separate wing -- which likely come out to a greater sum because those are three rooms with four beds each rather than twelve per room in the non-VA-sponsored wing.

Corroborated, consistent speculation from repeat guests who haven't met based on bits of information gleaned over a period of years and glimpses at their books and spreadsheets places their monthly revenue in the range of $80,000 to $100,000. If this organization were to become a corporation, then their stock would rapidly make investors wealthy.

Let's stop calling this organization charitable. Any charity performed by some locations is more than covered by exploitation and fraud at others. This is a for-profit religious school with a very lacking curriculum that exists only to justify its own existence.

Now, how do I know all of this? Two ways: First, a very short stay at that location during a hard period in my life, and second a continual stream of reports from homeless people I've helped write resumes, find services, and occasionally fed. Those who refuse to stay at this place are looked down upon as "not willing to help themselves," and rejected for services and employment on that basis. So, the homeless are royally screwed in my area. The only way to get off the streets is to very carefully and shrewdly prevent anybody of any importance to the process from discovering one's homeless status to begin with.

L. Moar.


VERA DRAKE - Antitheists

Vera Drake is a selfless woman who is completely devoted to, and loved by, her working class family. She spends her days doting on them and caring for her sick neighbor and elderly mother. However, she also secretly visits women and helps them induce miscarriages for unwanted pregnancies. While the practice itself was illegal in 1950s England, Vera sees herself as simply helping women in need, and always does so with a smile and kind words of encouragement. When the authorities finally find her out, Vera's world and family life rapidly unravel.

When installing Veoh which is a perfectly safe decent little application, remember to uncheck the toolbars checked by default and the options only available until unchecked, you'll see what I mean.

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