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Thanks to Susan for bringing this to our attention. Susan is also a big Tim Booth fan. Among many things, he's the front man of the fantastic group "James".

The dominant religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism believe that man must transcend his sexual nature; that our sinful bodies need controlling, preferably by the church.  I believe these ancient patriarchal beliefs still have far too strong and subtle control over our society.

The enforced suppression of our sexuality is poisonous, unnatural and damages our mental and physical well-being. How many well intentioned priests attempting to stem their natural desires by being unnaturally celibate became pedophiles?

Adultery and homosexuality are still punished by stoning in parts of the world. Circumcision is routinely performed on newborns without thought for psychological consequences.

In the time of AIDS, it's a sin to use a condom. In most countries we can't obtain assisted suicide, even when in unbearable pain; whilst the murder of young girls is called honor killings.

Women are labelled whores for the merest expression of their sexuality. It is estimated that one-hundred-and-twenty-million  girls have had their clitorises removed. If boys were being castrated like this, wouldn't we have stopped it by now?

Darwin caused a storm by saying we're descended from apes. This doesn't go far enough, We are apes; apes in denial with some pretentious aspirations.

We have some basic, beautiful, natural needs that we're often fearful to express. Finger pointing shame is toxic.

It's time for we individuals to choose what we do with our own bodies - the bodies that we've been given in this lifetime. And to heal the wounds that have been created by thousands of years of violence, exile and shame.

Liberians Praying Away Ebola.

Liberians Praying Away Ebola. 

31st October 2014

Today sees an end to Christians in Liberia fasting and praying since Wednesday for deliverance from Ebola. Christians make up eighty-five percent of Liberia's four-million population.

The fast and prayer marathon organizers, despite claiming Ebola will be transformed by today [Friday], aren't as confident as they sound. Prayers and communion will mark an end to the fast and prayer extravaganza, but due to Ebola being highly infectious, communion will not be delivered; Christians are expected instead to provide their own bread and wine.

You don't need to be a doctor or medical professional to know Liberians fasting and compromising their body's immune system is the height of irresponsibility.

The fast was spurred on by Reverend G. Bonito, a representative of the National Christian Ebola Task Force. They believe Ebola is a punishment from God via Satan. He told a news conference, "We have traded the worship of God with the worship of demons and witchcraft, and evil stuff is now happening in this country.” 

Liberia’s deputy chief medical officer, Tolbert Nyenswah, the Liberian health ministry is combatting the lack of education and people's reliance on religious beliefs by publishing images of Ebola patients on TV and newspapers. “They are very graphic but it is working; people are starting to see that Ebola is not just a spiritual thing that you can cure through going to church,” Nyenswah said.

Source Reuters News


Atheists Are Unwelcome In Most American Families.

Atheists Are Unwelcome In Most American Families.

According to a Pew Research Center report, Political Polarization in the American Public, nearly two thirds of Americans would be unhappy with an atheist joining their family.

Those identifying as conservative, white, non-Hispanic, evangelical Protestant, Republican and Roman Catholic, were more likely to be unhappy with an atheist in-law.

When asked:  "How would you react if an immediate family member were to marry an atheist?"

41% of democrats would be unhappy, compared with 73% of republicans.

Marriage to an Atheist Upsetting to Most Conservatives

Fortunately, it's not all bad news. The report shows the majority of Americans to be increasingly tolerant and accepting towards many different groups.

Guess Who’s Coming? Ideological Differences in Views of Family Member Marrying Different Race, Gun Owner

Source: Political Polarization in The American Public.


Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends - "Born Again Christians" - Antitheist Blog

Louis Theroux - Born Again Christians - Antitheist Blog

Louis Theroux reveals his subject's more natural side by disarming them with his quirky and unassuming manner. 

Louis visits Dallas, Texas, the diamond in the buckle of the Bible Belt. He explores with TV evangelists Marcus and Joni Lamb, becoming a born again Christian; complete with 'angels on his back'. 

 He also travels to the deep Ellum entertainment district, where he joins 'The Family', a group of hard-line Christians.

Note: If the video is restricted in your country, simply copy the video or video playlist URL to a proxy site [eg there are many others] and view without restriction. 

Arguing On The Internet - Never ending.... Antitheist.





I admin and one of the most exciting aspects, is knowing we attract a high proportion of exceptional Americans. John Pilger and Martha Gellhorn explain this better than I ever could. Whether a member is American or not, this is a quote that strikes the heart of our membership. Who could want for better people?

My guess is that a populism will emerge in the next few years, igniting a powerful force that lies beneath America’s surface and which has a proud past. It cannot be predicted which way it will go. However, from such an authentic grass-roots Americanism came women’s suffrage, the eight-hour day, graduated income tax and public ownership. In the late 19th century, the populists were betrayed by leaders who urged them to compromise and merge with the Democratic Party. In the Obama era, the familiarity of this resonates.

I once asked a friend, the great American war correspondent and humanitarian Martha Gellhorn, to explain the term to me. “I’ll tell you what ‘anti-American’ is,” she said. “It’s what governments and their vested interests call those who honour America by objecting to war and the theft of resources and believing in all of humanity. There are millions of these anti-Americans in the United States. They are ordinary people who belong to no elite and who judge their government in moral terms, though they would call it common decency. They are not vain. They are the people with a wakeful conscience, the best of America’s citizens. They can be counted on. They were in the South with the civil rights movement, ending slavery. They were in the streets, demanding an end to the wars in Asia. Sure, they disappear from view now and then, but they are like seeds beneath the snow. I would say they are truly exceptional.”

John Pilger and Martha Gellhorn.

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