Liberians Praying Away Ebola.

Liberians Praying Away Ebola. 

31st October 2014

Today sees an end to Christians in Liberia fasting and praying since Wednesday for deliverance from Ebola. Christians make up eighty-five percent of Liberia's four-million population.

The fast and prayer marathon organizers, despite claiming Ebola will be transformed by today [Friday], aren't as confident as they sound. Prayers and communion will mark an end to the fast and prayer extravaganza, but due to Ebola being highly infectious, communion will not be delivered; Christians are expected instead to provide their own bread and wine.

You don't need to be a doctor or medical professional to know Liberians fasting and compromising their body's immune system is the height of irresponsibility.

The fast was spurred on by Reverend G. Bonito, a representative of the National Christian Ebola Task Force. They believe Ebola is a punishment from God via Satan. He told a news conference, "We have traded the worship of God with the worship of demons and witchcraft, and evil stuff is now happening in this country.” 

Liberia’s deputy chief medical officer, Tolbert Nyenswah, the Liberian health ministry is combatting the lack of education and people's reliance on religious beliefs by publishing images of Ebola patients on TV and newspapers. “They are very graphic but it is working; people are starting to see that Ebola is not just a spiritual thing that you can cure through going to church,” Nyenswah said.

Source Reuters News

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