Ethan McCord American Hero - Brian Haw British Hero.

Ethan McCord American Hero - Antitheist.

Ethan McCord, an Iraq soldier and whistle blower about war crimes committed by US forces, talks about the day he acted upon his instincts and was berated for attempting to rescue two children from a van his colleagues had half destroyed, in the process of  mowing more than a dozen civilians down in the street.
If Bradley Manning did what he's alleged to have done, he, Assange and Ethan, along with journalists such as John Pilger and a whole long list including Michael Prysner seen below, deserve to be decorated. 


Another patriot peace protester Brian haw, won channel four's most inspiring political man one year.  He had until he was hospitalized and died of cancer last year, camped outside parliament everyday since 2001. The mayor the scum bag Boris Johnson had his camp removed whole he lay dying in hospital.

The world needs more of the above types of people.

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