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Spain's Stolen Babies (BBC, This World, 2011) - Antitheist Blog

Spain's stolen children is a harrowing story of Catholicism and Fascism working in partnership to commit what must rate up with some of the worst crimes ever committed.  Parents or the mother alone deemed morally unacceptable by the Catholics and or against Franco's politics were told the child they had just given birth to had died. The baby was then stolen and sold to a family acceptable to the Catholics and politically acceptable. The babies came at a high price to the purchasers, the cost of a flat in one case stated.

The exact numbers are unknown, it's estimated to be between 30 and 300 thousand babies. In recent cases of exhumations, coffins were found to be empty, or filled with rocks, one even had an adult human leg inside. The true scale of this horror is incomprehensible and the suffering immeasurable.

The complete disregard for humanity and any decency whatsoever makes you wonder just how such a vile disgusting organisation continues and sports a membership of a billion plus. The Magdalene Laundries being another great abuse of people and the last Magdalene asylum only closed within the last twenty years.

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