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True Muslim Situation in the UK - EDL / Choudary and the Daily Mail.

It's important to make a clear distinction between opposing religious harm and racist hateful bastards such as the EDL. You can see from the short undercover  report by the Guardian newspaper below, what kind of people are attracted to the EDL. They claim to not be racist, this is clearly not the case as the first few seconds of the video will show. They claim these are a minority, as you can see it's the entire fifty seater coach. The positive thing is the EDL are dwindling fast in numbers and this clip by the Guardian Newspaper could paint a picture of them stronger than they are in numbers today.

The whole charade is created and invented by three main parties to this craziness.

Asked what do we mean by far right groups posing as anti religious. The EDL (English Defence League) are a far right street demonstration group. They claim to be anti-Islam and it's just the old BNP (British National Party) and NF (National Front) under a new name. They are hateful racist, nasty people.

Also in the UK we have a crazy Muslim called Choudary who has about twenty followers. He was the Muslim responsible for the Sharia law area postings. He is NOT REPRESENTATIVE of British Muslims. He heads also,  Muslims against crusades. Muslims against crusades have been made illegal and it's time the EDL were outlawed too.  At the time of Choudary posting his ridiculous Sharia law stickers, which meant  and mean nothing, we were in close contact with the Inspector at Walthamstow police station calling for the prosecution of Choudary for inciting religious hatred, a newly enacted law. The police explained they had no evidence it was Choudary or his merry men, upon being furnished with the evidence, they said "at best they could try to work with the local authority to bring about a conviction for fly posting."

The situation is the EDL feed from the bullshit stunts Choudary pulls and then act as if Choudary's group are representative of all Muslims in Britain. The hate displayed by the EDL is fuelled by the irresponsible reporting of Choudary in the rag "The Daily Mail"

Both parties are seen as clowns in the UK and treated as such. They are interdependent upon each other and the Mail.

There was an occasion where the EDL clashed with the handful of Muslims against crusades and from what I understand one from each got stabbed. That sums up the mentality of these groups.

I have personally seen the EDL out of my own home town several times and this does not make me a sympathiser with Islam. Islam is an intolerant hateful faith, as all the others are.

Oppose fascism in all its guises, be it the EDL, Islam or our war crimes.

We as antitheists of course oppose Religious Islamic harm, sadly the number of far right extremists hiding beneath the banner of anti-Islam needs countering too, and almost always before criticism of the hate and intolerance of the islamic faith, it's increasingly important to distant ourselves from such organisations and people.


Over 13 000 000 people saw the Muslim demographic video produced only to whip up hate.. The video misquotes people, tells out and out lies and is inaccurate throughout. BBC Radio 4 conducted their own study with the help from leading demographers Opposing harmful aspects of Islam is one thing, accepting nonsense hate mongering videos without any facts or real statistics is another.

And in the interest of  balance our American friends, have some pretty odd ideas about Muslims too. Well some do.

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