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Planet Earth - The Revenge of Gaia
With the biologists rejecting this totally out of hand initially,
to now an across the board acceptance of James Lovelock's Gaia theory. The man is an incredible maverick and a scientist to totally think outside of the box. Much to the shame of many biologists.

Daisyworld James Lovelock and Gaia

After much argument last year and ridicule for promoting Gaia theory as a credible scientific fact, it's now in its 41st years and accepted across the board. Quite shockingly at the very beginning in the hypothesis stage Dawkins and other biologists completely ignored the theory and even went to lengths to silence James Lovelock because it failed to fit with the biologists ideas at the time. This has since changed and the geological society has awarded Jim their highest award the "Wallace medal."  This just goes to show that some of the best scientists can be sometimes unethical and or dogmatic.

James Lovelock was featured on the BBC4 series beautiful minds. He invented the electron detector and was aware cfcs were damaging the ozone layer fifteen years before anyone bothered to listen him. He truly is a remarkable man and for the most part has worked as an independent scientist, free to report his results as he found them, without restraint. It's no wonder he is seen as the grandfather of the environment. Though his predictions are quite bleak, they are not totally without hope.

James Lovelock and David Attenborough along with the others discuss the impact of global warming on the planet.

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