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Christianity sharing aspects of the same story:

Human Mother

Dionysus -   mother Semele is human.
Heracles -   mother Alcmene is human.
Perseus -   mother Danae is human.
Jesus        -   mother Mary is human.

Godly Father

Dionysus -   son of the god Zeus.
Heracles -   son of the god Zeus.
Perseus -   son of the god Zeus.
Jesus       -   son of the god Yahweh.


Dionysus -   performs miracles.
Heracles -   defeats the Hydra, completes the Twelve Labors
Perseus -   defeats Medusa and a sea monster, flies through the air.
Jesus   -   performs miracles.


Dionysus -   raised to divine immortality on Olympus.
Heracles -   raised by the gods from his funeral pyre to Olympus.
Perseus -   raised into a constellation at death.
Jesus        -   raised to heaven.

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