Panorama - Britain's Honour Killings. _Antitheist

Panorama - Britain's Honour Killings. Antitheist

Forced Marriages are not cultural, they are fucking abuse. This highlights a growing problem, though the BBC does tend to tiptoe around the religious aspect. Yes there are cultural issues influencing these horrors. Cultural issues shaped entirely by misogynistic, extremely violent religion, as they all are.

Since seeing this a few nights back, a friend has sent a book which I'm reading  "Shame" and two people have contacted antitheists in confidence with very worrying problems related to this abuse.  We urgently need to get educated on this subject and help in more than just being a support, we need to be able to direct people to the right places for professional help. Abuse of any person by any person, for whatever reason makes me slightly physically shake with burning rage from within. It's just not acceptable. As for arranged marriages of the unwilling, it's fucking institutionalized rape. 

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