The Perfect Vagina - Antitheists


We all come from the vagina, and what a mighty great thing the vagina is. There is an increasing trend for vagina surgery and it's quite sad to think women rather than being happy with their genitals are opting to go under the knife.

This documentary explores this growing trend and hopefully shows women that their bits are as unique as they are and there is no such thing as the perfect vagina and having surgery carries risks to fix a problem that doesn't existed.

Like the husband of the presenter in the film, I can't think of a conversation ever about a 'bad fanny' and the idea of a perfect vagina is more likely born from pictures of vaginas that are not that natural looking to start with.


gofurself said...

I just want to argue with you that not all women look at (recent) porn and want vaginas that look like them. If you read "How To Make Love Like a Porn Star" by Jenna Jameson, she goes in depth on how porn stars are made and cast. The second thing is this, too many progressive libs would condemn ADULTS who are making choices about vaginoplasty or circumcision that have NOTHING to do with religion. I myself I have a condition called labial hypertropia, where my inner labia hangs out of my body causing me pain and is UNHYGIENIC (if you know what I mean) so I need surgery because I was born with a hormonal condition that caused me an unnatural amount of estrogen in my body. Also if a man (who isn't a convert to Judaism or Islam) wants a circumcision for whatever reason, and goes to a urologist who puts him under via HIS choice shouldn't be condemned. And I'm not wrong for thinking circumcised penises are more attractive, but I would not approve of any baby boy being put through pain. So let's think about this before we criticize or terminate relationships or friendships over these ADULT choices.

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