Intelligence Squared - Atheism is the new fundamentalism - Antitheist

Intelligence Squared Debate - Atheism is the new fundamentalism. 

Richard Harris tells us how he feels towards certain atheist types and details his disappointment with new atheists, claiming new atheists pick the daftest areas of religion to challenge and Harris bemoans atheists for holding the idea of a Christian as a stereotypical creationist , they aren't all creationist believing types apparently. He fails in softening the fact he is a believer.

A C Grayling author of the humanist good book points out the word atheist is redundant, stating he's not afairyist or any other thing he has no belief in.  He draws the boundaries for where the believer's rights meet the rights of the non believer and promotes secularism as a positive stance for the religious and atheists.

Charles Moore says something about nothing and takes ten minutes to say it. He's rather sad and cringe worthy for some reason, maybe it's his self righteousness or perhaps his cliches, probably both. Quite rich he should be stood in opposition to fundamentalism,  with his ideas and scope being as narrow as his examples of fundamentalism.

Richard Dawkins is fourth to speak.

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