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Cure For Love

Sad film documenting how some Evangelical Christians think they can cure being gay. They are oblivious to the self hate they are promoting in some young people through telling them how disgusting and sinful they are. This is especially noxious when you consider the disproportionate number of teen suicides being gay teen suicides.

The church and these teachings without doubt help contribute to this number of teen suicides being gay and have the blood of those young people on their hands. Several young people having tried suicide speak candidly about how they reached that point, with one young man wanting to sever his own genitals.

In the evangelical mind all people are sinful and require saving and re-saving. Quite a disturbing watch. So much for unconditional love, unconditional love except,him, her and him over there.

Cure for Love by Francine Pelletier & by Christina Willings, National Film Board of Canada

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