Atheists Are More Successful Than Christians.


UK Atheists Are More Successful Than Christians.

In the UK, the number of Christians in England and Wales fell by 4 million over the last ten years. 

One in four atheists hold executive positions or have a job in one of the professions, compared with less than a fifth of Christians holding any such position.

The breakdown of employment and religious belief, produced by the Office for National Statistics from the 2011 census, confirms campaigner's claims Christians find it harder to get to the top.

The report showed high levels of senior and professional employment among the Jewish and Hindu communities.

Barrister Andrea Minichiello Williams, a member of the Church of England’s General Synod, said: ‘If you hold views that are contrary to the prevailing orthodoxy you are seen as potential trouble. This is a real phenomenon. Christianity is now a bar to appointment or promotion.’

Economist Ruth Lea, of Arbuthnot Banking Group, said: ‘Jews and Hindus are proportionately so much more successful than Christians. Ambitious people tend to come from minorities.
'Christians are the majority group, and they do not seem so ambitious and hard working.’
Miss Lea, who is an Anglican, added: ‘There doesn’t seem to be any discrimination here. What these figures say is that if you are determined you can make it.’

Source: BBC