Church Challenge to IRS Political Restriction - “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” - Antitheist atheist

Church Challenge to IRS Political Restriction - “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” 7th October - mass breaching of the clause set out by the IRS statute of 1954.

A group of Pastors are opposing the political restriction placed upon religious 501(c)3 organisations by the IRS Johnson amendment of 1954. The IRS states that a church can speak up on issues like abortion and contraception, but can't  endorse or directly campaign against any particular political candidate. A group of Pastors are blatantly breaching this clause and sending the IRS recordings of them doing so in the hope they will be challenged giving the church its opportunity to fight the constitutional issues surrounding the political restriction.  Pastors are confident this clause will be struck down as unconstitutional, the IRS have been strangely quiet on the issue

Irrespective of whether a 501(c)3 endorses any particular candidate or not, this does not stop it lobbying government on issues such as abortion, contraception, bioethics to name just a few and the cost to religious organizations in the USA annually is in excess of $390 000 000. (Pew Report)  This must be extremely frustrating to atheist taxpaying Americans knowing they are subsidizing religious lobbying on moral issues so diametrically opposed to their own.

Where exactly is the separation of church and state?  The front line battle has up until now focused upon council meeting prayers and nativity scenes while religion runs all over the constitution making a mockery of  it. Attack of the Theocrats by Sean Faircloth is an excellent read relevant to church and state separation, please see the link directly below the following two videos

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