The message and aims through direct action are simple "ARREST THE POPE AND TAX RELIGION." The message will be promoted through audacious acts by individual protesters acting alone or with one or two friends.

We are not promoting that any member should endanger their lives or put themselves in a situation liable to criminal prosecution. That said the protests suggested do carry an element of risk as well as the distinct danger of a minor charge of trespass and or reckless behaviour.

The scaling of a prominent building and hanging from it a linen banner stating something simple such as "ARREST THE POPE AND TAX RELIGION" will ensure passers by and media are aware of the campaign's aims.

I personally favour church roof tops for obvious reasons as well as local IRS / tax offices and or as fathers for justice did cranes. The crane does offer the activist less danger if mindful of winds and securing yourself to the structure. Note winds in excess of 60 mph prohibit most drivers from working, this would seem a good gauge to use for all protests where height is a pertinent factor.

Once in place with banner(s) displayed and a fully charged mobile phone in pocket, contact the local press and local TV news channels and explain you need their help to broadcast the message and will not be coming down until this is done. This will have two effects, they will feel flattered (maybe) to be named and implicated and will want to cover a newsworthy story, same applies to the press. This could also help in securing an interview with the local media and furthering the goals of the campaign.

It would be wise to be fully aware of the taxation regulations relevant to your area prior to fixing yourself in place and the complications with the arrest of a head of state. This knowledge will also help in knowing the subject inside out for when you are interviewed, upon Your descent.

We must stress any action taken by any member is wholly at the members own risk and we are not promoting any person to break the law or endanger themselves or others.

The more audacious any action is, the more newsworthy it will be and the more likely you are to secure media coverage. These small individual campaigns will start small and will be difficult to attract media attention at the beginning (maybe) this will with time only become easier as the stunts pulled off become more inventive and audacious.

This forum is for the discussion of any planned event, without the need to name your location for obvious reasons. Also for media coverage to be collated for our records and for passing to larger more mainstream channels to encourage exposure by them too.

Be safe and careful. Check your local laws and above all have fun. When and if you are arrested or questioned by the police, remember it is advisable to have a solicitor/lawyer present to assist your interview. DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO FOREGO THIS OPTION WITH THE IDEA YOU WILL BE RELEASED EARLIER. You will not and any decent solicitor will ensure you do not incriminate yourself at interview.

The police are not complete idiots but generally without a decent interview, they normally are at a loss to secure a hearing with the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service UK or your country's equivalent)

I'm not 100% certain but think the UK covers trespass under civil law which is not a thing to worry about at all.

Reckless behaviour is different and it would be wise to be able to prove all the precautionary measures taken to ensure yours and other's safety in the performance of any stunt.

The last few paragraphs though sounding a little serious are just worst case scenarios and they needed pointing out. Hope you will be inventive and hope very much you secure maximum media coverage from EACH of your demos. Arrest the Pope and Tax Religion (direct action)

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