The Satanic Verses Affair - Salman Rushdie

The Satanic Verses Affair:
 The most repugnant part of this whole affair was the agreement by the chief Rabbi of Israel, the Vatican along with the Archbishop of Canterbury and numerous other lesser religious figures,  all despite managing a few words condemning the Ayatollah's call for violence, sympathised instead with the Ayatollah and saw the crime of blasphemy more the problem than the state sponsored order for murder by the Ayatollah.

At first glance it would seem Islam extremists but when balanced with the non outright condemnation by the three monotheistic faiths, it puts the whole grisly affair into perspective and shows them all to be as barbaric and unjust as each other. Salman Rushdie was of course previously a Muslim and had an understanding of the Koran and so was guilty of apostasy. Apostasy according to the hadith is only punishable by death.  Many of the faiths have these archaic barbaric written rules, it seems Islam is champion at present at having its followers actually doling out God's punishments here and now on earth.

This behaviour flies in the face of moderate Muslims calling Islam, the faith of peace. his Norwegian publisher was shot several times in the back and left for dead. Incredibly he survived. His Japanese and Italian translators were criminally assaulted and one of them was savagely mutilated as he lay dying.

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