Child Abuse Prevention Measures.

Dear Dr Lucas,

After recently learning of the church being held responsible for the actions of a person deemed an employee, I write to ask please what checks and precautionary measures are taken by religious organisations to protect children from potential abusers?

If as I assume there has been no responsibility prior to the recent case, will you please bring this up as a matter of urgency and see that mandatory background checks are required and any governing body responsible for any religious activity within its organisation is held responsible for all breaches of negligence in this area.

With the extremely unacceptable high number of sex abuse cases coming to light within the different religious organisations, I'm sure you too like myself share the concern for children's safety and abuse of parent's and children's trust.

I look forward to your advice as to how the safety net works at present and your thoughts on how it needs to be tightened for the sake of future children's welfare.

Yours sincerely

Please contact your local political representative. Even if it's just this copy pasted. It would take all of 2 mins max.

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