Antitheist Playlist Westboro Baptist Church on The Jeremy Kyle Show

Antitheist Playlist Westboro Baptist Church on The Jeremy Kyle Show

   Not normally a fan of Jeremy Kyle's show because it amounts to a watered down Jerry Springer show. He does here though via satellite  deal very well with Shirley Phelps with the help of the Minister he has on to correct Shirley on her perverted interpretations and other guests.

   I wonder exactly what the motives of the Westboro Baptist Church are.  As I understand they do very well financially taking legal action against any state failing to protect them under the first amendment. If this is a main factor in their drive to demonstrate ever increasingly sensitive ceremonies such as funerals, they are succeeding in whipping up hatred towards them provoking the kind of action they may desire to enable a legal action.

   All mums are great (well most) and deserve respect, single mums more so.  It seems completely hypocritical of Shirley Phelps to take this false moral high ground having had a child outside of wedlock, her rules not ours. You would think she would at least practice and live her own life by the same ridiculous standards(sic) she promotes in such a vitriolic way.

  If taking legal action is a main driving force behind the WBC's demonstrations it is the best argument to ignore these clowns. They are after all a church made up of largely two families and less than 100 people and the founding elders are ageing rapidly and it's unlikely the younger up and coming members of the WBC will be quite so vitriolic in their promotion of the hate they glean from what they claim to be taking the bible literally.

  As much as it grieves me to applaud Jeremy Kyle, a great show which is aired to a massive audience in the UK and without sounding judgemental, an audience I'd say most needing to hear this hate counteracted. 

The right of any person to practice their faith ends where the right of another to not be encroached upon begins. Antitheists live and let live until others are affected. Consider joining us please over at
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