Julia Sweeney - Letting Go of God - Antitheist playlist

Julia Sweeney - Letting Go of God 

Antitheist playlist Julia Sweeney - Letting Go of God

Superb one woman show. Ars Nova Theatre New York Nov 19th 2005. Julia Sweeney covers searching for and letting go of god. Candid and funny personal journey touching on many aspects of faith.  It was joining  bible classes which led Julia to start seeking something nearer to a truth than that which the classes presented. Yet again the bible proves to be the greatest promoter of atheism there is.
The playlist put together from Bowman and worth 90mins of anyone's time.

Release date: April 2, 2013
“I took so long to assemble my lovely family. If only they would disappear.”
While Julia Sweeney is known as a talented comedienne and writer and performer of her one-woman shows, she is also a talented essayist. Happily for us, the past few years have provided her with some rich material. Julia adopted a Chinese girl named Mulan (“After the movie?”) and then, a few years later, married and moved from Los Angeles to Chicago. She writes about deciding to adopt her child, strollers, nannies (including the Chinese Pat), knitting, being adopted by a dog, The Food Network, and meeting Mr. Right through an email from a complete stranger who wrote, “Desperately Seeking Sweeney-in-Law.” She recounts how she explained the facts of life to nine-year-old Mulan, a story that became a wildly popular TED talk and YouTube video.

Some of the essays reveal Julia’s ability to find that essential thread of human connection, whether it’s with her mother-in-law, who candidly reveals a story that most people would keep a secret, or with an anonymous customer service rep during a late-night phone call. But no matter what the topic, Julia always writes with elegant precision, pinning her jokes with razor-sharp observations while articulating feelings that we all share.

Poignant, provocative, and wise, this is a funny, and at times powerful, memoir by a woman living her life with originality and intelligence.

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