Get back to reality with the rest of us and start caring for humanity.

If there is a god, and he made everything, then no matter what, he is in you and exists in your whole being, even if you don't believe he exists. So get with the program, leave god to be god - he's def big enough to look after himself - and come back down to reality with the rest of us and start caring for humanity instead.

NO god worthy of the title needs to hint at his existence in books. Look at the universe. Just look at it! Is that the work of a being who drops subtle hints or needs to express himself through the ravings of a desert people that were trying to throw off an oppressing force and ideology? How can you consider your god so trite? He hung the entire universe around you and you think he gives a SHIT about whether you covet your neighbours ox or face in a certain direction on a round fucking globe?? he's god!! He's pretty much literally above such ridiculous notions!

If he created us then he created better than himself, me. I'm intelligent enough to know (so by definition so must god be) that if you just let the folks know without question that you are around, then everyone knows, everyone is good, no need for the devil, the universe lives happily ever after. No, he doesn't need to test us, that's utterly redundant since we are completely him anyway in this context. I'm intelligent enough to know this, so should god be, much more so in fact. Am I presuming to know the mind of god? No. This is a logical progression of rational thought, of which god, again, must be the ultimate proponent of. This is nothing but a meme that has piggy-backed on the evolutionary imperative of social evolution, traceabley and provably, it is precisely because of that fact it doesn't need to make sense, it infects you in a clearly demonstrable way, and it needs to stop before it eradicates our species just at the moment our species spreads out in to space and never dies. And that would be a real shame.

Nice one Chris. Thanks. 

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