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Famously James Randi offered up one million dollars for any psychic able to prove their abilities, to date no offers have even made it beyond the preliminaries. This is a great show exposing the many charlatans exploiting people's vulnerabilities. He debunks each of them, showing them up for what they are exactly. Hat's off to Mr James Randi for some sensibility in a business where none exists.

This year's PIGASUS awards aptly awarded on the 1st April annually, if they were not so tragic they would be funny. Instead they highlight the dangers of superstitious nonsenses, some awards even for quackery involving children's health. However harmless some bullshit may seem, somewhere it will be harming another. All superstition is harmful.

The world needs more people like James Randi. All superstitious nonsense needs to be debunked and shown for what it is, bullshit peddled very profitably by charlatans.  Spiritualists have to be up there with some of the most harmful, exploiting the grieving, accepting payment to stream live the spirit of somebody's dead kid or other dead relative.  This is where the intriguing to some, fun to others, turns into a disgusting fraud fleecing those at a very low point in life, it really is more than nauseating.

In my late teens I used to attend a spiritualist church with friends of mine, we treated it as a form of free theatre. There was speaking in tongues, healing sessions and of course the highlight of the show, talking with the dead. The inane stuff the dead made all that effort to return to say was in itself beyond belief.

After about half a dozen visits I was shocked to learn I have "the gift." The master of ceremonies (you can't have ceremonies without monies) approached me and said I should join the development circle and sharpen my abilities, the abilities that were apparently clearly visible to see above my head. I explained to her I had never spoken to the dead or had any psychic experience whatsoever, this didn't matter, she just knew I was one of them.

It turns out the development circles involve sitting in a circle unsurprisingly and working on trying to differentiate between, wishful thinking, thought, imagination and spirit. That there, coupled with her "knowing" I was gifted shows the crock of shit this nefarious charade is. After the initial fun and finding it funny, us trying to stop ourselves laughing during the services, I saw a congregation of very sad people who had lost a loved one and were desperate for the afterlife to be true, the mediums only had to throw out a part of a general story and the audience would complete it for themselves, and at the same time for the medium.

The Psychic Investigator shows many frauds up for exactly what they are.

Exposing Israeli Uri Geller.

BBC Bullshit Detectors Expose Three Mediums:
Whilst on the subject of debunking fraudsters, this ten minute BBC clip brilliantly exposes three mediums for the frauds they are.