Antitheists Opposing Harmful Doctrine Welcome Note

Thank you for joining Anti-Theists Opposing Religion

Just a short(ish) note to welcome you and to point out your contribution is not just welcome, it is invited.

Pro actively opposing religious doctrines is yet to be clearly defined, this will evolve as we do a group.

Assume that you agree with the basic aims and ideals of the group and if so hope you would be happy to start as we mean to go on and recruit those you know will find this of interest. Quality rather than numbers, click join forgets are not valuable at all. One proactive person is worth 1000's of benign members.

Opposition will not be violent. We are not out to unnecessarily hurt those of faith or single out any particular religion. If it causes no harm, then there can be little argument. Live and let live. Our argument and opposition is more with the higher levels of these organisations that the harmful prejudice, even hateful dogmas trickle down from.

Again assuming you agree with the above see our videos please and share along with liking and favouriting them on youtube to help us ensure a high retention value. Finally take a look please at methods and targets discussions on the page and your input would be valued.

Our videos can be found at
Subscribers to our channel are also appreciated.

Since pages have lost the suggest to friends option we have an ongoing event we would like to invite you to as this offers the opportunity to still invite friends

Following in the footsteps of Fathers for Justice we have an additional group AntiTheists For Justice. The aim will be to generate publicity for our causes through the performance of newsworthy stunts. Stunts = news news = publicity publicity = awareness.
This group also doubles up as a back up to the main page.

Again thanks and welcome. Look forward to your assistance and input.

Peace and respect

Antitheists (opposing religion)

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