Militant Athesim Unjust Press?

Militant Atheism  does attract bad press as a term, justly or unjustly?

Irrespective of the answer that follows we Anti-Theists Opposing Religion have seemingly decided that ProActive atheism is a more appropriate term and does not imply violent actions in any way.

The term has been put down as offensive by some atheists. As offensive as hateful religious doctrines? From Wikipedia: The word militant refers to any individual or party engaged in aggressive physical or verbal combat, usually for a cause.[...] A militant engages in violence as part of a claimed struggle against oppression.[...] In general usage, a militant person is a confrontational person, regardless of the use of physical violence or pacifistic methods.
Non belief one would think would not require any further thought from the atheist. To be opposed to the harm caused by and in the name of religion and to actively oppose this is a different matter all together and requiring action. Though militant may conjure up a negative image to the benign atheists, it's not in our opinion inaccurate a term and as such the bad press is unjust.

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