Third Party Debate. - Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.

The third party debate, the debate where you actually might hear something sensible that you agree with. The younger generation and their interest in a third party choice might indicate a change for the next election.  Admirable people like Johnson and Jill Stein have fought as much as they are permitted to and you can only admire their conviction.

Third Party Debate - Jill Stein, Gary Johnson.

"We should do unto others as we'd have others do unto us," Johnson's said in response to a question on foreign policy. He said that US foreign interventions have killed countless civilians, and unnecessarily created millions of enemies.
Johnson said the US must "set the example" worldwide and use its diplomatic influence, not military force.

Stein proposed that the US implement a foreign policy based on "international law, human rights and diplomacy," instead of its current policy of invading countries for oil and dominating militarily. After a decade of war, trillions of dollars and thousands of lives lost, she said, we have only witnessed a further expansion of war and the failure to create stable democracies.

She also said that the US must set an example for its allies by respecting human rights and international law. She pointed to the US relationship with Israel and Saudi Arabia – two countries known to regularly violate international law that Washington rarely calls to account.

The current tensions with Iran, Stein said, are indicative of a "short-sighted" foreign policy. Iran may or may not develop nuclear weapons, she said, but several Middle Eastern nations already possess that technology and do not follow international nuclear nonproliferation standards. She proposed an "even-handed and equal" approach, which would eventually create a nuclear weapons-free Middle East and world.
Stein argued that American diplomacy should focus on the country's most serious threat: Climate change.

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