Vatican Bullshit - Penn and Teller.

Vatican Bullshit Penn and Teller.

"If your morality is governed by anything personal, ethical or humanitarian, then the Vatican is bullshit."

Just when we thought the last pope couldn't get any worse he did. Ratzinger is truly a rat.  This episode covers homosexuality and the paradox of being a bird but not flying. How the Vatican remains constantly in the news with the pope's abhorrent views on too many subjects, as well as highlighting the priority of maintaining the reputation of the church over the welfare of children.

The pope's apology to the USA over the sex abuse cases is shown as only lip service. He in one breath is apologizing, yet in another ordering those of the church to remain silent under threat of ex-communication.

If the Vatican was SERIOUS about children's safety and welfare, they would introduce mandatory reporting and the instant dismissal of any abusive member of the church as standard practice before any prosecution. All prosecutions would be conducted making full use of the judicial system, not canon law where the guilty are punished with a life of prayer and penance.. This is a strong and very simple part of the campaign being waged by Geoffrey Robertson QC the human rights lawyer. SEE HERE please.

Condoms and much more are covered by this fact filled episode.

Stephen Fry with a summary on the communication to the those of the Catholic church by the pope himself.

links to Stephen's full stand at the intelligent squared debate can be seen HERE and the entire debate with Hitchens too can be seen HERE. Thank you..

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