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Sorry if you're a non windows user, to watch any film on veoh you need their player which is a perfectly safe application but only compatible with the windows operating system. / OR so I thought, Apparently it's not restricted to windows users only, An Apple man has Firefox and a couple of other browsers and he had no problem with it at all. (I can't verify this)

Personally I uncheck the toolbar option and any other extras it may want to install when installing the veoh player add on.. Veoh shows five minutes before requiring their add on. When installing it, you are given the option once or twice if you would like their toolbar included, be sure to uncheck the sub options below each main no, if of course you don't want their toolbar.

Catholic News Service says:
"The film contains an explicit rejection of Christian faith and morals, endorsement of homosexual acts, nonmarital sexual activity and petty theft, a benign view of drug use, occasional gory violence, a few uses of profanity and pervasive rough and crude language. The Catholic News Service classification is O morally offensive."

 Very strong immoral atheist worldview with very strong evolutionary elements as alien character mocks people’s belief in God instead of evolution, anti-biblical and anti-Christian portrayal of characters who are portrayed as simple-minded stereotypes, and Christian character thanks alien for setting her free from belief in God, plus several homosexual jokes and references and alien character proudly says everyone on his planet is bisexual; 101 obscenities, 10 profanities and comic art drawing of alien making obscene gesture shows several times throughout the movie; strong, often comic, violence includes car crashes, alien brings a dead bird back to life only to eat it.

If you would like to own this on DVD or Blu-ray
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red lichen said...

Works perfectly in linux (Fedora 17)