In an amazing about turn Harold Camping has started fast back peddling. The excuse to explain this especially to the radio listeners that he was not wrong, but that God has heard all the prayers and seen the repentance of people, and in His mercy has postponed the judgment.

John Torrel with sources close to Camping can exclusively reveal that the backpeddling has started as fgast as is possible to save face with the false prediction on the rapture May 21st 2011.

Camping is already preparing the people by speaking about Jonah and Nineveh. It is obvious there is something mentally wrong with him because he has wrongly predicted the end of the world multiple times since 1988. At the same time Camping has declared that the “church age” is over and all Christians should abandon the churches and that all pastors should resign. If people do that, what is the next logical step? Obviously they should turn to Harold Camping since he is the only one that has the truth in these last days. That would of course mean more money for Camping since people are going to give to Family Radio instead of their churches.

Harold Camping has been challenged before and survived. In the 1970’s, Tom Summerville tried to rally the Family Radio staff and asked Camping to step down as the CEO of Family Radio. He refused and then started to fire the people who had challenged him. Camping’s philosophy of hiring is that all employees are expendable and anyone can be replaced. The entire staff can be replaced because he believes that all things are pre-ordained by God, and if a person becomes a problem to Family Radio, God has already selected a replacement for the person. So Camping does not hold back when it comes to firing an employee at Family Radio; people are useful as long as they support him and do what he tells them to do.

It has also been pointed out to me that the Family Radio staff are not all in unity. A number of them actually believe what Camping is teaching, therefore the people that want to evict him know that they cannot do that since loyal “Campingites” would rally to his side, and Camping would again fire those who are challenging him.

The charade at Family Radio will continue as long as there are people who support Family Radio and believe the heresy of Harold Camping. Only his death can change the situation but that might not solve the problem either, as he might have prepared for his death like Robert H. Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral in Anaheim, California, who had groomed his son to take over, but when he became too Bible oriented and less liberal, he was fired and Schuller put his daughter in charge. Harold Camping has a number of children and it is possible that one of them has been groomed to take over and continue the “prophetic ministry” and set new dates for the return of Jesus. One thing is clear, Camping has an ego second-to-none and the worst thing is, that he actually believes his own propaganda. That can only happen when a person has been given over to a reprobate mind.

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