Sex Drugs and Religion antitheists

Sex, Drugs and Religion is a 71 minute look into the wacky world of religion. Targeting groups from Catholics to Muslims, this movie exposes the idiocy that is associated to religion in general.
Sex, Drugs and Religion is the fourth film release from B.A. Brooks and is quickly causing quite a stir in religious communities across the globe, while also hailing acclaim as a very entertaining, and insightful film experience by some seemingly more open minded individuals.
In any case, sometimes the truth is hard to accept. If you can not be honest with yourself then just maybe this is not the film for you, but if you are ready to take a comedic journey into the cosmos, then sit back and fasten your seat belt.
Staring Chris Harper as the “Pastor Deacon Fred Smith” from the Landover Baptist Church, and Chuck Knipp as Betty Butterfield. Other clips include Bill Maher, Larry King, Sean Hannity, and Tom Cruise.

Sex, Drugs & Religion - (2010)

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