Religious News in Brief - 1st March 2015.


- The Pope while wearing an ankle-length dress, has thrilled trans men and women around the globe by comparing them to nuclear weapons. Apparently, both are against creation. Gay Star News.

  - While ISIS continues barbarically beheading innocent men and women, top neuroscientists say head-transplants are only a couple of years away. New Scientist.

 - Orthodox Jewish leaders celebrated the abandonment of any regulation concerning the practice of sucking blood from newly circumcised penises. The damage from the practise of metzitzah b'peh will be minimized only by self regulation. New York Times.

 - 'Jihadi John' has been named as Mohammed (who'd have thought!) Emwazi and it has been revealed the British Muslim responsible for numerous barbaric acts against innocent people, many of whom were humanitarians, attended anger management classes as a youngster. BBC.

- A new study reveals more than half of US republicans want to unconstitutionally see Christianity established as the national religion of the USA. Source.

In other news:

 - The world's first atheist orphanage raised the required $5 000 within twenty-nine hours of requesting help from the atheist community. Source. 

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first said...

I was unable to find a way to contact you on your blog, so I hope you don't mind that I am using the comments to reach you.

I was unable to find a way to contact you on your blog, so I hope you don't mind me using the comments to put in a request:

Would you consider sharing my secular kickstarter with your community of free-thinkers?

"Christian Mythology for Kids" is a kickstarter to raise money to illustrate and publish a secular kids book (ages 4-12). The book is a paraphrase of the bible and other christian myths from an unbiased secular viewpoint. It is meant to be a tool for families to learn about christianity without the dogma, before they hear those stories accompanied by fear, threats or empty promises from friends or relatives. Educate your kids about christianity before someone else does it their way.

I really need lots of support from the secular community for this project to be a success.

In gratitude,